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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Vienna....such an experience!! I keep the nice memory of this show and i espacially send my love to those great artists!!! I miss you guys and i will try to come to visit you as soon as i can..I hope that everything is going well for everybody.I send my love to you guys,big bisous from your dance teacher :) :)

The Leading Team:
Director and Choreography: REDHA
Capitain: Pierre Boisserie,Christine Hassid,Martin Matthias
Musical Direction: Caspar Richter
Orchestration and Arrangements: Chrisian KOLONOVITS
Stage sets: Duncan HAYLER
Costumes: Dominique BORG
Lighting design: Andrew VOLLER
Sound design: Richard RYAN
Musical direction: Caspar Richter,Michael Romer,Adrian Manz,Walter Lochmann

The Premiere-Cast:

Romeo: Lukas Perman
Julia: Marjan Shaki
Benvolio: Matthias Edenborn
Mercutio: Rasmus Borkowski
Tybalt: Mark Seibert
Lord Capulet: Paul Vaes
Lady Capulet: Annette Wimmer
The nurse: Carin Filipcic
Lady Montague: Zuzanna Maurery
The prince: Boris Pfeifer
Father Lorenzo: Charlie Serrano
Paris: Thomas Mülner

Die Montagues:
Michael Bernhard, Jacquie Biggs, Laura Fernandez, Daniela Harbauer, Peter lesiak, Marcella Morelli, Sanny James Roumimper, Patrick Schenk, Norman Stehr, Florian Theiler, Lynsey Thurgar
Nivaldo Allves,Danillo Brunetti,Lilian Nguyen,Olivier Rey,Christine Hassid

Die Capulets:
Brian Carmack, Rachel Colley, Sean Gerard, Chrsitph Goetten, Sabrina harper, Natasha Henry, Natascha Hill, Adrian Hochstrasser, Jerome Knols, Lilian Nguyen, Jana Stelley
Joao Paulo De Almeida,Andreas Bjorkman,Daniella Foligno,Sabine Mayer,Federica Rosati,Katarina Trinkewitzova,Steven Seale

Alice van den Beucken, Sanne Buskermolen, Lorna Dawson, Simon Eichenberger, Niklas-Philipp Gertl, Martin Matthias, Zoltan Roman,Kenia Bernal Gonzales,Ivo Giacomozzi,Kevin Hudson,Christine Hassid


Daily Mirror


"This stage musical adaptation of Shakespeare's classic is a music and dance spectacular."

"A Romeo and Juliet for the 21rst century."
Le Parisien Dimance

"A Mega-hit musical!"

"Wonderfully enjoyable entertainment."
Hello Magazine


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